Organizing 101: Quick Start Guide

Overwhelmed with starting your organizing project?  Don’t fret, the quick start guide outlined below will be a huge help

1 Pick your spot: start small! If you are thinking of tacking your home office, start with one drawer or one closet

2 Start with 4 piles: trash, donate, keep, belongs somewhere else
Do not go any deeper than this in your initial sort, you will go through the keepers later, for now keeping it simple will allow you to get through this process more quickly and painlessly

3 pick up one thing at a time
First ask yourself if you actually use it or love it

If the answer is no ask why you need it
Can’t come up with anything compelling? Make the call to let it go!

Move the other 3 piles out of the room and just focus on keepers
-Sort into very broad categories first, if one pile becomes too big and starts to take over, you can sort that pile into smaller ones
-After the items are sorted by category asses your newly emptied space, are there any items like bins or decorative baskets that would make sense to use here? (No clue? Lucky for you I am throwing in my fav product list for free, look out for it in the next email you get from me)
-Clean the area with a mild cleanser and even if you don’t have containers yet just place the things back in the space keeping stuff in its designated categories and placing like categories next to one another

Extra tips:
-Recruit some help, an extra set of hands goes a long way when sorting
-Set aside the time; make sure you block time off where you won’t be distracted and have to leave mid sort
-Time yourself, this will help you judge how long the rest of the room, drawer or house will take

Now go get started, and please remember start with the smallest area you can to ease yourself in, don’t worry the satisfaction will be addicting and you will want to keep going on bigger areas.

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