Favorite Organizing Products Pt. 1


This is SO exciting!  I’m finally getting my act together and giving you my top favs for organizing!  These are the items I use everyday with clients.  If you are looking to get organized by yourself or plan to enlist my professional help this is where you want to get started:

These shelves are MONEY.  They are perfect for basement storage areas or garages.  I love to set up a ‘store’ with aisles as to not waste any space if my clients space is large enough, if not I just line the walls of the space and go to town!

Next up: photo and paper storage.  I love to use these for holding anything from pictures, memorabilia, documents for long term storage, anything goes.  I love these because you can stack them in open spaces like on shelves and it makes for a really clean and organized look.  Oh, and they have labels, what more could you ask for?  Featured above is perfect for larger stuff like kids artwork, the one below is my go to for pictures:

Label makers = game changers, once you get one you will find yourself labeling everything.  If you are looking to go pro with your organizing/home making you gotta have one.  This is the one I use everyday with clients, I love it and wouldn’t use anything else.  Its worth the investment

Amazon is the only place you should buy tape for your label maker, it is really pricey anywhere else.  It does last a long time so don’t be put off by the fact that you have to spend a bit here.  I always go for black on white or black on clear, you can easily switch them out mid roll

Stay tuned… more favorite products on the way!

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