Are you making this MAJOR mistake?

What is it that is so important you have to drop everything right now? An external hard drive of course! I’ve heard not one, but two, horror stories in the last week about folks who didn’t have a back up system and lost EVERYTHING. I’m serious people, this is one area where you can never be too cautious. I honestly don’t care if you never change your online passwords or use the same one for every single thing (I’m not super hardcore about cybersecurity, or any security for that matter, if you couldn’t tell) as long as you BACK YOUR STUFF UP!

First story: my sister Lauren is almost 26-years-old and in general is an extremely smart and knowledgeable woman (she is so amazing that I think of her more as a big sister than a little one). She was one of those hardcore kids in high school–valedictorian, class president, field hockey captain, etc. She has continued this overachieving lifestyle, attending a really prestigious university undergrad and she is now at an equally prestigious graduate school in DC pursuing a masters (oh, and she teaches yoga full time while doing all of this!). As soon as I can persuade her to start her own blog or website I will certainly link it here so you can check her out. In the meantime here’s a pic from when she got engaged last week:IMG_2959
But enough about how awesome she is . . . there is one area where she is extremely uninformed and that is technology. She avoids learning about it like the plague and she doesn’t even have an Instagram or Twitter account for crying out loud! Her boyfriend and I are always telling her that she needs to embrace technology now or she will be crushed by it. Last week her computer “had an accident.” It fell down the stairs (don’t ask) and basically crashed. She rushed it to the nearest computer emergency room (the Apple Store) and was told it could be saved but would need a new hard drive. Not to hate on the Apple Store because I LOVE all things Apple, but this time something went tragically wrong.

The “genius” asked her what her back up plan was and she replied “uh . . . I don’t really have one, I mean I save important school documents to Dropbox but that’s about it.” I’m just going to assume it was this guy’s first day on the job because (not in typical genius style) he said, “Okay, that’s great, you should be all set” and proceeded to replace the hard drive. The next day when she went to pick the computer up she was horrified to find everything gone . . .E-V-E-R-Y . . . THING . . . GONE! She has had this computer since her freshman year of college and had NEVER backed it up. Of course there was a lot of stuff on there like articles she wrote and school projects that she no doubt spent hundreds of hours on, but the real tragedy was that she lost all of her pictures! To me, pictures are the single most important thing in the world (next to the actual family and friends in those pictures, of course). I’m serious, I could lose everything I have in a fire tomorrow and I would be totally okay as long as I have my pictures (which I would because I have a serious three-tier back up system which you can read about in my next post coming soon). Needless to say she was devastated. Here are just a few of the events that were in these pictures:

  • Her high school exchange trip to France
  • Semester at Sea in college where she traveled to every cool place you can imagine
  • A post college ‘drop everything and go someplace to serve the underprivileged’ trip to Nicaragua

Frankly, it makes me sick right now just thinking about all of it. Long story short–there is a chance she can get them off the damaged hard drive but it is going to cost a lot of money. I’m going to make her do it and if she doesn’t I’m going to steal the thing and rescue those pictures for her myself, because a life without your photo memories is a fate worse than . . . well, it’s just really bad and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy!

Bottom line: Do you have a system for back up so if your computer was stolen or otherwise ruined today you would be okay? Even if you have an external hard drive, do you know the last time you backed up? Didn’t think so! Now open up a new tab, head over to Amazon, that little shop on the internet where you can buy anything and have it delivered in no time flat, and get yourself an external hard drive!! If you have one already, back up NOW! You will thank me later. Leave a comment if you have ever had a similar horrible experience, or if you have an awesome back up system that has saved your life.

PS- the second story is kind of boring, an entrepreneur friend in a mastermind group had his computer crash and he lost a lot of important client info (not that that isn’t bad, but he still has his pictures!)(This is Lauren and our lil bro, Mike, this about sums them up in a nutshell)


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