How to Clean out your Closet

Ask yourself these simple questions while you browse through your closet every 2-4 weeks, I do this every week and I never have to deal with a giant purge, it is also great because I am always on top of what I have (for example right now I know I have a lot of great summer dresses and very few practical everyday tops) so I’m never buying stuff I don’t need.

– Does it fit, but more importantly do I look and feel great in it?

If it reminds you of a heavier or skinnier time get rid of it!

– Can I remember the last time I wore it?

If its been over a year and its not a classic or really expensive piece out it goes!

– Does it fit into my life right now?

If you recently went from working in an office everyday to working from home get rid of some of those boring office clothes and just keep the pieces that you love that work for not only work but play too.

– Would I be that upset if I lost it tomorrow?

The truth is you probably wouldn’t notice if most pieces in your closet randomly went missing, especially if its jammed packed with everything you’ve ever bought. These are the things that should be easily purged to make room for better stuff you can’t live without.

Get rid of the average stuff in your closet to make room for pieces you love and can’t live without!

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