Where to Get Free Boxes for a Move

Moving can be a big pain for most people (unless your me and you LOVE it) and it can also be expensive. Not only does buying a new house cost A LOT, but the physical process of moving, finding long distance movers, man power, and large amounts of coffee/energy drinks, and the actual materials like boxes, tape, etc., can start to add up.  Don’t fear, there are ways to get some of these things for free… yes that’s right free!  And who doesn’t love something free?  I know what your thinking… since its free it must be crap, but not true in this case.  Here is a list of a few places you can get great free boxes for your move:

Warehouse stores like BJs & Costco–  They have lots of free boxes at the check out.  Look for strong ones and also the ones with the inserts still inside… those will be great for packing up valuable breakable things like vases and decorative items

Local grocery- Banana and apple boxes work really well- make sure to call ahead as they tend to get rid of them quickly.  You may have to go on the same day they get deliveries

Liquor store– Also call ahead, some of the boxes may be small but this is also good to get boxes with inserts already in them (also you can pick up some hard liquor to get you through this stressful time)

Craigslist or Freecycle- A lot of people (especially in today’s much more environmentally savvy age) don’t like to throw away perfectly good anything, so they will put up just about anything and everything up on Craiglist or Freecycle.  I’m sure there are more places like this too popping up all over, feel free to tell me about them in the comments!

Ask friends or family who just moved- Especially if they paid for the boxes they may not just trashed them and will be happy to see their investment go to good use. There are also furniture shipping companies that can help you move and take the weight off your hands.

Have any other brilliant ideas about where to get free or cheap goods for a move??  Tell me about them in the comments!

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