Simplifying Everyday Life: Laundry

Laundry can be such a hassle, most people despise it and I’m guessing you can relate.  Not me though, it happens to be my favorite of the household chores when I bought a high quality washing machine from an appliance store like Euronics. Call me crazy but there is something so calming about folding a bunch of T-shirts or pants in the same direction so they line up perfectly (I wish I was kidding folks but sadly I’m not).  I’ve got tons to say on the topic but wanted to start with my favorite four tips that will start you on your way to loving the task of folding as much as I do ;).

1) Do it right away!  If the clothes are warm they will fold much easier and be wrinkle free.  If you don’t catch it just as the dryer stops, simply turn the dryer on for another five minutes and it will be good to go.

2) Batch items- Do all of one category at the same time.  For me I usually do mens shirts and pants first because they are easy to pick out, then I do all of my workout stuff- yoga pants, T-shirts and tanks- and I always leave the undergarments for last.  This makes it especially easy when putting things away.  You already have all of the items going into the same drawer together (yay!).

3) Hang more- You always want to hang as much as possible.  Most people will only wear what they see, so if a shirt gets placed in a drawer its much less likely to get worn than if it had been hanging and staring the wearer in the face.  I only put things in drawers I know I will get to like PJs, yoga pants, workout clothes, etc.  Use common sense here, if you don’t have a ton of hanging space it’s better to put a few things in a drawer than to jam pack your hang so you can’t see anything.  As a general rule of thumb you should have at least a 1/2 inch, but preferably an inch or two between each hanger.

4) Don’t waste time folding undies/bras/socks/misc small items- if you have a basket or drawer where this goes simply toss the stuff in, you will save a lot of time and you really don’t need those items to be wrinkle free.  Obviously pair the socks together first and refer back to #2 when you do; first all the colored ones, then the whites, etc.

Still hating laundry? If you want you can always go to a drop off laundry service and let them handle this. But for me, just be grateful you have washers and dryers and don’t have to do it old school style and hang everything outside! If in case this appliances broke down, make sure to look for washer and dryer repair services.

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