What Do You Really Need in Your Wallet?

Not much!

Each day I see so many people with wallets over flowing (my fiancé included, and he has a really really nice one I got him for Christmas a few years back so when I see that thing bursting at the seems it is really sad 🙂

Recently, for about four hours, I thought I lost my wallet.  Luckily, it turned out that it fell out of my purse and was in the back seat of my car.  I was so happy when I found it that I was inspired to clean it out so I had just the absolute essentials.

See I spent the first 15 minutes panicking (especially since my fiancé bought that wallet for me a few years back for a different Christmas and it was really nice) but then I started a mental inventory of exactly everything that was in the wallet and what I would really be lost without:

  • My credit and debit cards- could care less about losing these, the bank would cancel them and send new ones, yes I would have to update my info on some sites but really not the end of the world.  Also, not really that hard for me since I have a lot of hacks for this kind of thing… future posts, stay tuned)
  • Cash- none, I hardly carry it, I like to know exactly what I spend via my mint account and cash just tends to disappear
  • Drivers License- again, replaceable, and not too concerned
  • Gift cards- I did have a couple, no major value to any so again not too concerned
  • Memberships cards- uhhh why do I even have those in there?  I noted to myself to take a pic of any of those for an evernote file and toss the actual cards
  • School pictures of my brother and my fiancé in first grade- this was the only thing making me sad that I would lose, then I realized i’m sure where there was one there was 15 more stored in the original school picture day packaging it came out of, and I would be able to replace those as well

So when I finally found my wallet I celebrated by cleaning out everything that was none essential and here is what I ended up keeping:

  • ID
  • Debit and credit cards (personal and biz)
  • Health insurance card (this is just easier to have tangible)
  • Library cards (dc & Arlington) yes thats right, I use the library
  • a few stamps (always a smart idea to have in your wallet)
  • a few quarters and other coins in coin pouch

and thats it!  I decided to get rid of the pics and keep them somewhere safe at home, I hardly ever looked at them in there anyway

Here’s what came out:

  • A massive amount of pennies
  • 5-7 receipts (now once I accumulate more than a few I transfer them to trash or filing)
  • 2 Checks to deposit
  • 3 different ‘buy 8-10 get one free’ juice cards (I hardly remembered to use them)
  • Sephora membership card
  • AAA membership card
  • 4 gift cards

Now I keep my gift cards in a separate little card holder, I put them in the pouch next to my phone so I actually remember to use them.

Inspired to clean out your wallet?  You should be!  Now go do it!

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