The 5 Simplest Areas to Purge

Not sure where to start?  The idea of organizing the home can be extremely overwhelming for a lot of people so start with these 5 super easy to purge categories and ease yourself in…

• CDs/VHS/DVDs- Don’t be the person who holds on to these. If you haven’t transferred them to iTunes or DVD yet, you are probably never going to. Even if you still have a system that will play them, chances are you won’t use them. Decide to embrace the digital age we live in and rid your home of all old technology (exempt from this rule: old home movies).

• Beauty products- How much stuff on your vanity or in your shower do you actually use? I’d say about 10% if you are like most people. Go through all your beauty and self-care products and get rid of anything you haven’t used within the last three months. Did you know most products go bad after a year? Don’t risk it, throw away those old products and leave just what you use all the time.

• Magazines- Please don’t be like most people and keep them with the idea that you will actually get around to reading them one day. If you have spare time that you want to fill with magazine reading, you will most likely go out and buy the latest copy. Also, have you heard of Pinterest?! There is really no need to keep physical clippings anymore, google the thing/idea you want to keep track of and pin it to an appropriate board where you can easily search and find it later.

• Expired food and medicine- You’d be shocked at the amount of food and medicine that has been sitting in your pantry or medicine cabinet that is one, two, maybe even three or more years old! I see it every day with clients. Just getting rid of the way-past-expiration items will free up a lot of space and you will be able to actually see and use what you have.

• Underwear/Workout Clothes/PJs- You may purge your closet regularly but when was the last time you purged items in your drawers? Get rid of any undergarments that aren’t in top shape and make a note to buy more if you realize that you are only left with a few good pairs from a particular category. Workout clothes, even if they were purchased at Lululemon, shouldn’t be kept forever. Go through and keep only the ones that are still looking and smelling decent. Same goes with pajamas. They are very easy to accumulate. If you have an entire drawer full, that’s probably too much. The few go-to’s you wear all the time will do.

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