Simple Guide to Sell Anything on CraigsList

I sell stuff on Craigslist and eBay ALL THE TIME, it’s so easy it’s kind of insane.  But when clients ask me to do it, it’s usually not worth the time it would take me unless it’s a pretty high end item, so I usually have to say no.  So I’m going to teach you in a few simple steps how to do it:

1) State exactly what it is and take pics- use as much detail as you can in the title and take enough pics to show the condition.  Do some research online first; make sure you are calling the thing by its proper name and brand.

2) Just be honest- no need to write a novel, just state what the item is with all the relevant details, say why you are selling it, and attach the pics (no need to be a salesman here, the pictures will speak for themselves).

3) Let them know how to reach you in the post- email and text is easiest, and don’t give out your info until you have gone back and forth via the anonymous Craigslist email system to make sure they are legit. (Don’t give your address until they are ready to come over and get it. Better yet, arrange to meet and make the sale in a public spot like a shopping center.)

3) Be ready to haggle- a lot of people will ask for a deal just because they usually get it.  Decide how low you are willing to go. If you’ve had other calls and emails since you and this buyer spoke, you may not be willing to come down, so just say that. If they don’t want it they can walk. Chances are, because they came out and they wanted it in the first place, they will settle for your asking price.

4) Use your judgment- if it seems weird at all, like strangely worded language or a response that seems impersonal, don’t respond. It should be pretty obvious if it is a woman down the street or a sketchy person who wants you to wire money or something crazy like that.  If they do have to come to your house, just make sure you have someone (preferably a man) home with you.

5) Be specific about pick-up details- you need to let them know exactly when and where to meet (this is why I like texting for communication because some people will say they will be there in 30 minutes and an hour later they are still not there). You should set up the pick-up for a time when you have some downtime, not 12 p.m. on a Monday if you only have a 30 minute window before you have to be back to the office.

Note- If you are freaked out about people getting your personal info- don’t be. I’ve sold tons of stuff and given a lot of people my email and cell phone to text and never had a problem. Still freaked out???  Just donate the stuff!!!  It’s not worth the anxiety!

So go sell some things and don’t be afraid to experiment. You’d be surprised what people will buy. I once sold a box of crap—literally, I had no clue what any of the stuff was except for a deep fryer with no power cord, and someone actually bought it for $30!

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