Why Keeping Things You Don’t Like is a Bigger Problem Than You Think

Did you know that everything in your space is affecting you in one way or another?  Even items that aren’t in plain sight can negatively affect your overall well-being. For example, that hideous key chain your Aunt Sue gave you, which you think is innocently hiding in your junk drawer, is actually brining you down every time you open it looking for a rubber band.  It is not fair to the item and it is not fair to you as the owner.   Somewhere someone out there would love that ugly little pig statue you hold on to only because your sister gave it to you, and it would bring them a lot of happiness.  It doesn’t bring you happiness so why be a hoarder?  Let it go and let the item live up to its fullest potential, being valued by someone other than you.

When you hold on to the things you don’t like, you have less room for things you do like.  You can only physically have so much stuff in one place and, sure, we all have different levels of how much stuff we can accumulate, depending on the size of our space and our level of clutter tolerance, but even if you have a ton of space, be mindful to only have what you need and love.  When you have a closet full of 15 shirts hanging on matching hangers with two inches of space between each shirt, you will be much happier every time you open your closet than if you have 115 shirts all jammed in there and you can hardly pick out what you like from what you don’t.


  1. Love this, Carly! It’s so true. What you have in your space energetically impacts your body, down to your cells. If it creates stress or discomfort in your mind, and in turn body, it will impact your food choices –creating cravings for sugar and refined carbs. When you feel at ease and at peace in your space your body will want to maintain that, craving more nourishing, nutrient dense goodies. Great post, thank you!

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