Why You Should Never Clean Your House Again

I’m serious, this is one of those chores that is so painful for most people I have truly come to believe in most instances your time is better spent doing something else. Anything else in fact; working and making money, or taking time for yourself to unwind, spending precious time with family .  Even if you don’t make a lot of money, it is much better to spend your few hard earned dollars to have someone do this task for you. There are lots of people who badly need the money and would be grateful for the chance to earn it.  

I’d say even if you only have a small amount to spend on ‘extra stuff’ after bills are paid and mouths are all fed, this should still be a top priority.  Skip the movies or dinner out and treat yourself to something that will actually really benefit your mental state.  I decided one day after I spent about three hours cleaning my apartment and it still didn’t have that super clean feeling that it didn’t make sense for me to make myself miserable cleaning the toilet and scrubbing the shower when someone else could do it much better for less money.  If you don’t know how to calculate how much your time is worth check out my post here.  I figured it was costing me at least $150 to clean my apartment when I could have someone come in and do it for $50 (I lived in a small one bedroom apartment at the time of writing this, I realize that is on the way lower end of what you are likely to pay).

Sure, it feels good to enjoy the fruits of your labor and all that, but it feels even better to come home to a space that was feeling stale and blah and is now spic and span and you haven’t lifted a finger.

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