7 Creative Alternative Uses for Over the Door Shoe Organizers

Recently I had a client who needed a creative solution for the massive amount of water bottles her family had accumulated (I know what you are thinking… but the entire family used them on a very regular basis so it made sense to keep them all).  This got me thinking, what other items could these organizers store?  Here are 7 brilliant & creative alternative uses:


  1. Water bottles
  2. Seasonal gear & accessories in mudroom (think gloves, hats, gogles, suntan lotion, bugspray)
  3. Kids snacks on back of pantry door
  4. Clothing accessories in master closet (think scarves, rolled belts, sunglasses)
  5. Extra Toiletries & beauty supplies on the back of a bathroom door
  6. Bottles of cleaning supplies & small cleaning tools
  7. Small stuffed animals or toys in kids room

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