4 Insider Tips to Keeping Your Contacts Up to Date:

  • Stay on top of it- Regular maintenance is key to keeping your contact up to date and in check.  No one is going to organize your contacts for you, unless of course you have an assistant, then add this to their list of things to take over ASAP.
  • Embrace the cloud- I use iCloud for my contacts, it makes more sense because a) everything is going to be in the cloud eventually and b) it updates all your devices which is a lot easier then updating a manual spreadsheet or exporting and importing your whole contact list each time you get a new device.
  • Use idle waiting time- I’ve found the easiest way to update my contacts is from my phone, the newest iPhone operating systems make this very easy, it even recognizes when someone you already have saved is contacting you from a new number or email which you can then instantly update.
  • Cull your list often, this one of my favorite things to do In a long car ride.  No need to keep the friend of a friend you met one night and never spoke to again. 

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