Why you NEED to Cancel all Magazine Subscriptions NOW

I have always had a very big problem with magazine subscriptions and here is why: they make you feel bad.  I mean, seriously, who has time to sit and read a few magazines every month? If you have lots of magazines lying around that you have the intention to read, but you never get around to reading them, that is going to be draining on your energy. 

You feel bad because you spent money on them and you also feel like you have no time to do the things that you want to do, like relax on the couch and read a magazine.  As I have always said, everything in your space has a pull on your energy (consciously or not) and that is why it is so important to protect our home and treat it as an oasis by only keeping things in it that make us feel good, not things that make us feel guilty. 

For the few times in your life when you do have time to read magazines leisurely, for example when you are en route to a vacation, then spend the money to buy the newest copies at the airport or gas station.  Aside from that spare yourself.  Opt out prescreen.com from the money girl podcast, this is the official place to opt out of things like credit card offers etc.

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