Photo Storage Tips

-Weed out before you store- give away or toss doubles (not even very relevant anymore), toss bad or blurry pics, and don’t save excessive pics of scenery.

-Get the right containers- make sure you are storing your photos properly so they will last. Shoe boxes are not a great long term option as they don’t preserve photos well. Here are some of my favorite archival storage solutions (link to amazon products). 

-Store in a temperature controlled environment. Your photos will last for a long time if kept in the right conditions. On that note, go check your attic and garage and make sure you don’t have any priceless family photos just melting away.

-Organize chronologically- no need to get really detailed here, you can do this by general seasons or, if you don’t have a ton of photos, just keep them sorted together by year.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours managing and organizing my own personal photos. The best thing to do here is keep it simple, start broad and when you have conquered the job, you can get more detailed.

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