6 Ways to Make Purging Beauty Products Easy

I know it’s hard; beauty products are expensive, pretty, fun to play with and all that, but 99% of the people I meet have way too many of them. Do yourself a favor and clean house in the beauty department. Similar to when you clean out your closet, getting rid of the stuff you aren’t actually using makes it so much easier and more fun to use the stuff you love. 

-If something is relatively old (over a year) and you don’t use it every day or every time you wear makeup, get rid of it.

-Most products don’t last very long anyway. When purchasing a new product start with the minimal amount you can buy to ensure you will actually use what you have purchased. I find that I use hair products way less than I think I will so I can usually buy travel sized bottles and have them last for at least a few months.

-Eyeliner and mascara should be tossed every 3-4 months, if you don’t wear the stuff every day you definitely don’t need more than one (consider a travel size if you don’t wear very often).

-If you aren’t in love with something because of its color or shade, toss it. Exception: some foundations will last for a year, so if you want to save your winter color for next fall when your tan starts to fade, that is okay. Just make sure you aren’t storing in the same spot as your new stuff.

-Nail polish; if it’s separated or changing color toss it, it won’t work as well.  Also, keep the tops clean. When dry nail polish cakes up, it can allow air to get in even when the cap is screwed on tightly, which causes it to go bad faster. I learned that little gem from one of my favorites, Martha Stewart. Thanks Martha!

-Put yourself on a beauty buying freeze. I know it is always tempting to buy new stuff but try to use only what you already own for three months. By that point it will be really obvious when you need something; or it will be clear what you don’t use and you can happily toss it out!

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