What You’re Probably Doing Wrong in Your Spice Drawer

This topic is close to my heart because just about every single day I see people with way too many jars of spices, and usually most of them are expired. If your spices are expired you know you have had them for waaay too long as most of them have a use by date of at least 2-3 years after you purchased them. Sure, they may be safe to use 3 years later but they will not be anywhere near as potent as when they were fresh and surely most nutritional value is long gone.

My best advice here is to buy spices from a store that allows you to buy in bulk (MOMs Organic Market is my go to) and get just enough. Buy an amount that will be enough to last you the next few times you need it and then restock from there. If it is a more commonly used spice, for example garlic powder or oregano then it is perfectly fine to buy the normal size jar. Personally, I really don’t think there is ever any reason for an individual to buy any spices in an actual “bulk” size like you see in Costco or BJs. Unless you have 17 children or run a catering company, and in that case go right ahead as I’m sure you already have the proper amount of storage space for these, otherwise please save yourself the headache and don’t buy bulk.

On storage; My favorite thing to do with clients who are short on space is install spice racks on the inside of cabinets or pantry doors. If you have some space to spare it is also nice to store them in a drawer, either laying on their side (see pic below) or standing straight up with labels on the top of the lid so you know exactly what is what. If you don’t use spices often because cooking or baking is a rarity in your home, then there is no need to to take up space to store them in a drawer or main cabinet, put them in a clear plastic container and put them somewhere in your kitchen that isn’t so easy to get to but you can still see so you don’t forget you have them all together. Just make sure to keep them ALL TOGETHER, if you do this with just some you will likely forget you hid them away and go out and buy one you don’t actually need.

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