What To Do If Your Mudroom Isn’t Working For You

The mudroom, if you are lucky enough to have one, can be a really hard space to keep organized. If your family is in the habit of throwing their stuff off and paying to attention to where anything lands, follow these easy tips to gain more control on this difficult space:

-Switch your mudroom contents like you switch your master closet; keep only seasonal items here. Unless you have a ton of space in which case you should keep the unseasonal items less accessible, like in a labeled container on a high shelf or behind something you are using a lot if you have very deep cabinets.

-Give all family members their own space, even if it’s just a cubby or basket. This will become increasingly important for school-age children who have backpacks and sports gear that tends to collect in this space. Open containers work great here as well. The idea is to make putting things away as easy as possible so family members will actually do it and you are not left to pick up after everyone everyday.

Biggest mistakes- Not removing unnecessary items when the season changes. There is absolutely no need to have bathing suits in the mudroom in the dead of winter. They should be hibernating in a labeled bin or box in a storage area.

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