Why You’re Better Off Buying an Expensive Pair of Shoes

I’m a big believer in you get what you pay for and feel there are certain things that just can’t be made exception for, shoes being one of them. Lets take heels for example and compare a $20 pair vs $250 pair. If you wear them often the more expensive will definitely be more comfortable and will last longer too, so if you wear the $20 pair five times before they crap out but you can get 50 wears out of the $250 pair we are talking about the same exact price per wear! Over time you would be buying so much more and waisting time in shopping trips or money on shipping then if you had just invested in the quality pair.

It’s the same thing with flip flops, I once bought a gorgeous designer pair of flip flops instead of a cheap $3 pair. They were so expensive my friend who was shopping with me freaked out and thought that they had wrung them up wrong, when I slighly kicked him behind the counter to signal it was the right price he very seriously said, “we are talking about rubber flip-flips right?” Sure it may have seemed crazy to spend so much on them but I loved having them, they made me feel great when I wore them and they were really comfortable. Not that the $3 pair is so terrible but they stretch out easily and wear away quickly, these shoes stay in great condition for a long time before they succumb to the normal flip flop wear and tear. I wore them for almost two whole summers until they broke, I was disappointed at first but when I add up all the 3 dollar pairs I would have gone through in that length of time I realized I got a lot more per wear out of the expensive ones then I would have with the cheaper ones.

I’m not saying everything you own has to be really nice, but invest in yourself with the important stuff. Give it a go and let us know how you feel in the comments

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