What to do when you just really want or need to keep clothes you don’t fit in

I was never a fan of keeping clothing that you don’t currently fit into until this really weird and crazy thing happened to me… I had a baby and lost a lot of weight.  Now it’s only 25 pounds but on a 5’3 frame that is a lot.  Everyone keeps asking me what I’m doing to get so thin and I can’t for the life of me tell them… I definitely don’t have a lot of time to eat between working and chasing after my toddler.  But anyway, this post isn’t about my weight loss its about keeping clothes that you don’t fit into!

I’ve had at least ten people tell me that the same thing happened to them.  After they had their first baby they got randomly skinny and then, after having another baby, they went totally back to normal.  My first instinct when I starting losing weight was to get rid of all my old clothes and start fresh but then I started thinking… I work mostly in workout gear.  When you are organizing you need to be able to move and to be comfortable (a lot of jobs can even feel like a work out!) and because that is mostly what I wear, I invest in quality pieces.  So, no sir, I was not about to get rid of my $100+ leggings just because they are currently a little baggy.  Also, I’m planning to have another baby sometime in the near future so those clothes that are a little big now will probably be perfect for the first half of my pregnancy.  Okay so now on to the tips:

  • Make sure you have an actual good reason for keeping these clothes like I did (if you are just holding on to your size 6’s in the hopes of getting back into them soon but have been wearing a 10 for the last couple of years that is not a good reason my friend.  You can treat yourself to new stuff once you lose the weight).
  • Don’t keep too much.  I’ve limited myself to one bin which works great.  The other day it was getting a little full so I went through and did some purging and I’m back down to a manageable amount.
  • Sort by size.  If you do limit yourself to one bin like I have then put the size closest to what you currently wear on the top and the smaller stuff on the bottom, that way if you do start to lose that weight you have the items you can wear easily accessible (and you don’t have to see the even smaller stuff which may make you feel bad about your current progress)

Thoughts?  Do you keep stuff that you don’t fit into and if so do you think these tips can help you pair down?  I’f love to know!!!

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