Three ways to make a deep corner cabinet more functional:

Most kitchen remodeling projects start with a detailed plan for cabinetry and storage. This is to ensure that you have enough storage space in your kitchen and all of them are functional and aesthetically-pleasing. However, if you somehow have a corner cabinet anywhere in your kitchen you probably have had the feeling that it is a huge waste of space, or maybe you shove a bunch of stuff in there but realize that strategy isn’t at all functional, then you can consider asking for some tips to a specialist from the kitchen renovation companies in Auckland.  This is very common and I have also a couple quick fixes for you:

-Use a lazy Susan.  These come in a variety of sizes and some are even ‘heavy duty,’ meaning they can hold a lot more weight than just a few mugs or spice jars.  Lazy Susans can be great, not only for corner cabinets, but for any cabinets where you need to store a variety of items and want them easily accessible (think under the sink or other deep cabinets). 

photo by: @simplyspaced

-Store items that you don’t use often but need to keep in a container (preferably clear and if not clear for sure labeled) and push it all the way to the back.  You can use the area in front of the container for more frequently used items.  Alternatively, you can store a larger item you don’t use often back there (think bread maker) and stash smaller frequently used items in front.

-Use a shelf.  This really only works if the items stored in front of the shelf aren’t higher than the shelf itself.  If you can figure out some shorter items to store under and in front, you should be in good shape to get some of that extra space back.  See this one from container store.. 

photo by the container store

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