5 things you never think to purge but should

We know what we should purge right?  Our pantries, closets, kids toy rooms, the list goes on.  But what about these items, when was the last time you thought to purge say….

1) Old educational materials-  Do you still have binders from conferences you went to years ago?  Have you ever consulted them?  If the answer is no, then out they go!  I recently got rid of my old training books for Yoga and Spin which I haven’t taught in years.  If I’m being honest with myself I realize that if I ever get into teaching again I am very unlikely to consult these; there will be new updated materials so I happily let them go!

2) Fiction books- Mostly all could be purged–with the exception of a few classics–there is really no need to keep unread, partially read or fully read fiction!  Why?  Well, if you still haven’t read it, just admit that it won’t happen and free up some space on that shelf!

3) Old decor- Everyone is guilty of this if you ask me, I even just got rid of some myself.  I bought some new decorative items, moved the current stuff around and purged the stuff that I didn’t like or that I had bought a long time ago, because the truth is, I’m most likely not going to use it.  A lot of clients tell me that they are holding on to these items in case they move into a bigger place.  I know that even if I do have a much bigger house one day, at that point I’m going to want new stuff and won’t use a ratty old frame I bought at Home Goods 10 years ago.

4) Old Electronics- Again, most people just toss this stuff in a bin (I do it too!) but make sure you go through it every so often and purge this stuff.  I just went through my own and got rid of chargers from outdated Apple products, chargers for computers we don’t own, and a few cords that my husband had no clue on (if no one in the house can identify what they are, that’s a clear sign they should go!).  Caveat:  if you bought Bitcoin years ago, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, get rid of any old hard drives that might contain your Bitcoin wallet!

5) Accidental Bulk Purchases- I see it everyday, just because Amazon sent you 50 chip clips doesn’t mean that you need to keep them all.  Keep what you need and give the rest away so someone less fortunate who has an opportunity they otherwise may not have.

Any other things you can think of? If I’ve left off anything good please let me know!

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